10 Best Rated European Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

When it comes to exquisite cocktails, there’s a universe of flavors to explore. From the elegance of Kir Royale to the zest of Glühwein, the classics like Bellini, and the exotic Tinto de Verano, this article is your passport to a world of delightful drinks. So, let’s embark on this journey through the intriguing realms of cocktails.

1. Kir Royale – Elevating Tradition

Our journey begins with the sophisticated Kir Royale, a French classic that offers a modern twist on the traditional Kir. This refined cocktail combines the luscious crème de cassis with the effervescence of Champagne, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. Much like its predecessor, Kir Royale is typically served in a flute glass, without any ornate garnishes. It’s an ideal choice for an apéritif, setting the stage for an exceptional culinary experience.

2. Kir Impérial – A Raspberry Rendezvous

Should you wish to add a fruity twist to your Kir Royale, simply substitute crème de cassis with raspberry liqueur, and voilà, you have the Kir Impérial. This delightful variation infuses the classic with a vibrant raspberry flavor, providing a delightful alternative for those who appreciate a touch of fruity sweetness in their cocktails.

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3. Glühwein – The Warmth of Tradition

As we journey through the world of cocktails, we find ourselves in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, sipping on Glühwein. This delightful mulled wine is a staple at Christmas markets, warming the hearts of visitors. Often savored as an après-ski drink, Glühwein is created by infusing red wine with aromatic citrus zest and an array of spices like anise, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s a symphony of flavors, traditionally sweetened to taste, but never brought to a boil. In some versions, white wine is used, and a shot of liquor (mit Schuss) can be added for an extra kick. The first bottled versions of German mulled wine appeared in Augsburg in the 1950s, making this delightful drink accessible and convenient for all.

4. Tinto de Verano – The Red Wine of Summer

Our journey takes us to Spain, where Tinto de Verano reigns supreme during the scorching summer months. Meaning “Red Wine of Summer,” this refreshing cocktail is enjoyed both at home and in supermarkets throughout the country. It combines equal parts of red wine and gaseosa, a term encompassing a range of mild-flavored sodas and carbonated drinks. Traditionally, it’s mixed with a lightly sweetened lemonade known as La Casera, though Sprite or 7-Up combined with sparkling water can serve as delightful alternatives.

5. Bellini – Italy’s Artful Elixir

In Italy, a classic cocktail named Bellini awaits your discerning palate. This artistic creation combines Prosecco with the tantalizing essence of white peach nectar or purée. It all begins with a chilled flute glass filled with peach purée, and then the Prosecco gracefully crowns the mixture. A gentle stir later, and you’re ready to savor this Italian masterpiece. While outside Italy, Bellini is occasionally made with champagne, any sparkling wine will do. This elegant cocktail was brought to life by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice during the 1930s or 1940s and was named in honor of the renowned Italian painter, Giovanni Bellini.

10 Best Rated European Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

6. White Sangría – A Fruity Spanish Symphony

In Spain, Sangría blanca, or white sangría, offers a delightful twist on the classic red wine version. This elegant concoction features light, fruity, and fragrant white wines, complemented by a selection of delectable fruits like peaches, apples, pears, melons, plums, berries, oranges, lemons, and limes. The drink is created by merging white wine, sugar, citrus juice, and an assortment of fruit. The amount of sugar is adjusted to match the wine’s sweetness, and it’s recommended to cut the fruit into uniform pieces, allowing the flavors to meld during a leisurely maceration process that lasts for several hours or overnight.

7. Gimlet – The English Classic

Venturing across the English Channel, we encounter the Gimlet, a timeless classic that traces its origins to England. This cocktail, named after Sir Thomas Gimlette, is a straightforward yet elegant mix of gin and lime cordial. In earlier renditions, gin and lime cordial were used in equal parts, with Rose’s lime juice often playing the starring role. However, modern interpretations tend to be less sweet, with one part lime cordial and two parts gin offering a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile.

8. Mimosa – A Brunch Delight

As our journey continues, we reach the United States, where the iconic Mimosa has graced countless brunch tables. This elegant breakfast cocktail transforms a simple morning meal into a decadent event. It comprises freshly squeezed orange juice, Champagne, or any dry sparkling wine, with the option to enhance the flavors further by adding Grand Marnier or bitters. To prepare it, orange juice is poured into a champagne flute, and it is then graced with Champagne or sparkling wine. It’s believed that the famous director Alfred Hitchcock introduced the Mimosa as a brunch staple in the United States during the 1940s, elevating this cocktail to legendary status.

10 Best Rated European Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

9. Sangria – A Spanish Masterpiece

Our journey concludes in Spain, where the age-old tradition of Sangria takes center stage. This fruity Spanish cocktail combines red wine with an assortment of chopped fruits, including pears, peaches, berries, apples, nectarines, or pineapple. The beverage is often sweetened and enriched with sugar, orange juice, sparkling water, and, on occasion, brandy. The origins of Sangria can be traced back to the predecessor, hippocras, a beverage made with wine, sugar, and spices. Early Greeks and Romans prepared hippocras to purify water, which was often unsafe to drink due to bacterial contamination. The name “Sangria” refers to the crimson hue of the red wine used in its preparation, signifying a drink as vibrant as its Spanish heritage.

10. Espresso Martini – An Elixir of Energy

To conclude our cocktail expedition, we unveil the Espresso Martini, a rich and creamy concoction that bursts with flavor. This invigorating cocktail combines vodka, espresso, sugar syrup, and coffee liqueur. The ingredients are artfully shaken with ice and strained into a Martini glass, resulting in a frothy crown that’s often garnished with coffee beans. This enticing concoction was the brainchild of Dick Bradsell, a prominent figure in the bartending world. Initially named “Vodka Espresso” and later “Pharmaceutical Stimulant,” it was first prepared at Fred’s Club in the late 1980s for a young model who would later become a global sensation.


The world of cocktails is a fascinating one, where tradition and innovation come together to create an array of delightful flavors. From the elegance of Kir Royale to the zest of Glühwein, the classics like Bellini, and the exotic Tinto de Verano, each cocktail tells a unique story and offers a distinct experience. So, whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, embark on a journey through the world of cocktails, and let your taste buds explore the remarkable blend of flavors and history that each glass holds.

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