Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

Burgers are an American culinary staple, loved by people from coast to coast. If you’re a burger enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. Join us on a delicious journey across the United States as we explore some of the most iconic burger joints that offer mouthwatering, unforgettable burgers. From New Orleans to Minneapolis, and everywhere in between, these burger destinations are sure to satisfy your craving for the perfect patty.

1. The Company Burger – New Orleans, Louisiana

Unveiling the Big Easy’s Burger Gem

The Company Burger, located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana, is not just a burger joint; it’s an experience. A must-visit for both locals and tourists, this establishment has become a culinary pit stop as essential as the famous Cafe Du Monde for its beignets.

The Company Burger keeps it simple but perfect. The star of the show is the thin patty, expertly griddled to medium perfection. Topped with house-made bread-and-butter pickles, cooked red onions, and American cheese, this burger is a classic in the making. What sets it apart is the condiment bar, allowing you to customize your burger with assorted mayos and fixins to your heart’s content.

2. Corner Bistro – New York, New York

A Slice of NYC History on a Plate

For a taste of the quintessential NYC dive bar burger, look no further than Corner Bistro in New York, New York. While the city may boast extravagant burger creations, the Bistro Burger remains a beloved classic.

The Bistro Burger is a no-frills delight. Featuring eight ounces of beef, American cheese, and crispy bacon served on a simple paper plate, it’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, simplicity is key. No matter how tough a day in the Big Apple has been, this burger has the power to make it all better.

Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

3. Duke’s Grocery – Washington, DC

Duke’s Proper Burger: A DC Delight

Duke’s Grocery, with three locations, offers a burger that has propelled it to local fame in Washington, DC. The Proper Burger is a Duke’s signature masterpiece. It comes loaded with Gouda cheese, dill pickles, charred red onions, sweet chili sauce, and garlic aioli, all nestled between a brioche bun. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add a runny egg, avocado, bacon, or other delectable extras. For a truly indulgent experience, don’t miss the fried duck egg and chicken liver pâté.

4. Fat Choy – Las Vegas, Nevada

Unearthing Vegas’ Hidden Gem

“Hidden gem” is a phrase often overused, but when it comes to Fat Choy in Las Vegas, it’s incredibly apt. Nestled within the locals-focused Eureka casino, this restaurant, led by James Beard-nominated chef Sheridan Su, combines Asian street food with classic American diner favorites.

The Fat Choy Burger is a revelation. Featuring a half-pound certified Angus beef patty, bacon, short rib, onion jam, and a secret sauce, it’s a symphony of flavors. The perfectly fried egg on top allows a velvety yolk drizzle that elevates every bite.

5. Gabby’s Burgers & Fries – Nashville, Tennessee

A Classic All-American Burger in Music City

In the vibrant city of Nashville, Gabby’s Burgers & Fries often claims the title of the best burger in town. The Seamus burger, a classic All-American creation, is the standout option. It’s the meatier sibling of the double-patty Gabby burger, making it a perfect choice if you’re exceptionally hungry. But the real star is the side of fries; they’re considered some of the best in the city and complement the burger perfectly.

Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

6. Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Where Quality Meat Meets Family Charm

Nestled in a strip mall in Ft. Lauderdale, Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill is a family-run gem in Florida. It’s a place where the warm welcome from Mom at the register pairs perfectly with her son’s skills on the grill.

Gilbert’s magic lies in their expertly seasoned, half-pound patties of Certified Angus Beef. The LTO burger is a prime example of their excellence, where the quality of the meat and the precision of grilling speak volumes. Remarkably, they even cater to vegetarians with a delectable portobello mushroom burger.

7. Grind Burger Kitchen – Louisville, Kentucky

Brie, Bacon, and Habanero Jam: A Flavor Explosion

Owners Liz and Jesse Huot have transformed a food truck with a dedicated following into a brick-and-mortar establishment, which still maintains a passionate fan base. Grind Burger Kitchen in Louisville, Kentucky, is a place where you can craft your burger masterpiece or trust the expertly designed B&B burger.

The B&B is a work of art, with gooey Brie enveloping crisp bacon and a bright, spicy habanero jam cutting through the richness. It’s a departure from the classic cheese and pickles but delivers an exquisite flavor combination.

8. H&F Burger – Atlanta, Georgia

From a Limited Special to Burger Royalty

Holeman & Finch Public House’s famous burger special, limited to 24 servings nightly and starting at 10 pm, was the stuff of legends in Atlanta. Thankfully, this burger-focused concept emerged, giving the beloved burger the attention it deserves.

H&F Burger is all about quality. The patty features a slightly crispy exterior, topped with American cheese, bread and butter pickles, and red onion. It’s a masterpiece of simplicity and flavor.

9. Hinano Cafe – Los Angeles, California

A Venice Beach Legend

Hinano Cafe, located just steps from Venice Beach, has been serving up legendary burgers since 1969. This iconic dive is famous for its good beer, lively crowd, and, of course, fantastic classic burgers.

Despite the passage of time, the formula remains unchanged, and it works brilliantly. Hinano’s kitchen doesn’t close until the bar does, making it a prime spot for late-night burger cravings.

10. Keller’s Drive-In – Dallas, Texas

A Classic Drive-In with Timeless Charm

In the heart of Dallas, Texas, Keller’s Drive-In offers a different burger experience. While there may be fancier and pricier options in the city, Keller’s classic drive-in burgers are a timeless delight. The diner-style ambiance, complete with a jukebox, adds to the charm.

Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

11. Kopp’s Frozen Custard – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A Burger Joint with a Sweet Surprise

Kopp’s Frozen Custard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, may be known for its custard, but don’t underestimate its burgers. At first glance, the burgers seem like classic diner fare, but they possess a special quality that sets them apart. Melty cheese, a perfectly seasoned patty, and a soft bun create a burger experience that rivals the best.

12. La Traila BBQ – Miami, Florida

Barbecue Meets Burger Brilliance

In Miami, Florida, La Traila BBQ brings together the best of barbecue and burgers. Their approach is unique – they grind the scraps from their slow-smoked meats into burger patties, creating something truly spectacular. The Bar-b-Cuban burger, for example, features a perfectly formed prime brisket patty, topped with pulled pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles, resulting in a mouthwatering masterpiece.

13. Loretta’s Northwesterner – Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s Hidden Burger Gem

Loretta’s Northwesterner, located in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood, is the city’s best-kept burger secret. This tiny dive bar may seem unassuming, but it serves up burgers of unparalleled quality.

The magic of Loretta’s burger lies in its simplicity. A slightly crispy patty, raw onions, special sauce, a buttery bun, and bright-yellow American cheese create a flavor explosion. One bite and you’ll be hooked.

Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

14. The Loyalist – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s Best Burger Delight

The Loyalist in Chicago, Illinois, has earned the title of Chicago’s best burger, and for good reason. The Dirty Burg is a thick and juicy masterpiece, featuring pickles, two slices of American cheese, and saucy onion-infused mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. It’s a burger that satisfies every craving, and it even comes with frites for good measure.

15. Lucky Buns – Washington, DC

A World of Flavors in Every Bite

Lucky Buns in Washington, DC, takes inspiration from flavors around the globe to create specialty burgers that are truly exceptional. The Bogan Bun, loaded with gouda and bacon jam, and the El Jefe, with hatch green chili relish and queso fresco, offer a diverse range of tastes.

For vegetarians, the Crunchy Bun features a mushroom and lentil patty. Most of Lucky Buns’ burgers can also be made with an Impossible patty. With locations in Adams Morgan, Union Market, and Baltimore, a mouthwatering burger is never far away.

16. Matt’s Bar – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Birthplace of the Jucy Lucy

Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the OG of the Jucy Lucy scene. It’s the place where the Jucy Lucy was born, and they’ve perfected it. These burgers take a while to cook, and you’re advised to wait a bit to avoid a scalding bite, but the experience is worth it.

A roughly griddled exterior, a soft roll steamed by heat, diced onions, and a single dill pickle in the middle create a burger that offers three of the most satisfying Jucy Lucy bites in the country. For the full experience, order one Lucy and a regular cheeseburger on the side.

17. Mélange – Washington, DC

A Fusion of Flavors on a Bun

Mélange in Washington, DC, is where Chef Elias Taddesse blends his Ethiopian heritage with French culinary training to create unforgettable burgers and fried chicken sandwiches. The Classic burger features a triple-blend patty, pickled red onions, and brown butter aioli on a buttery bun.

The Italian burger showcases smoked mozzarella, tomato confit, arugula, and spicy basil aioli, while the Butcher’s Burger includes pastrami, pickles, roasted garlic-parsley aioli, and sharp white cheddar. Mélange offers a world of flavors on every bun.

Outstanding American Burger Restaurants You Must Try Immediately

18. Miller’s Bar – Dearborn, Michigan

A Burger Legend in Detroit

Since 1947, Miller’s Bar in Dearborn, Michigan, has remained a constant in the Detroit area. The burger here is a timeless delight. A perfectly cooked medium patty is topped with velveet cheese and white onions, all nestled on a steamed bun. The result is a magnificent, juicy burger that will have you savoring every bite.

So there you have it, a whirlwind tour of some of the best burger joints across the United States. These establishments have perfected the art of crafting mouthwatering burgers that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cheeseburger or a more innovative creation, these burger destinations offer something special for every burger lover. So, the next time you’re on a culinary adventure, make sure to add these iconic burger spots to your must-visit list. Your taste buds will thank you.

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