Ten Highly Rated American Burgers

Burgers are an iconic American staple, loved by people from all walks of life. They come in countless variations, each with a unique history and a distinct flavor profile. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most intriguing and delicious burger varieties that have left their mark on the culinary landscape. From the Pastrami Burger’s savory combination to the juicy Bison Burger, we’ll delve into the origins and characteristics of these mouthwatering creations.

1. Pastrami Burger: A Greek-American Delight

Origins: The Pastrami Burger is a culinary delight that finds its roots in the sunny city of Anaheim, California. It was the brainchild of a Greek man named James Katsanevas, who ran a restaurant called Minos Burgers in the early 1970s. The uniqueness of this burger lies in its topping, which includes pastrami, cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, and a delectable fry sauce. The fry sauce is a heavenly blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet relish, and onion powder.

2. Chili Burger: A Flavorful Classic from the 1920s

Origins: The Chili Burger, with its roots dating back to the 1920s, was a brainchild of Thomas M. DeForest in Los Angeles. It’s a classic burger variety that features a juicy meat patty topped with chili con carne. The chili can either be served on the patty or on the side, depending on personal preference. This burger is often crowned with a generous helping of cheese and onions, and it pairs perfectly with a side of crispy fries.

Ten Highly Rated American Burgers

3. Pimento Cheeseburger: A Southern Tradition

Origins: The Pimento Cheeseburger is a beloved American classic, hailing from the southern state of South Carolina. This burger is a symphony of flavors, featuring soft burger buns, grilled burger patties, and a luscious pimento cheese spread. The spread is prepared with grated cheddar, mayonnaise, and pimento peppers, creating a creamy and slightly tangy topping.

4. Elk Burger: Montana’s Game Meat Delight

Origins: Montana’s Elk Burger is a unique twist on the classic American burger. Montana is renowned for its game meat, particularly elk, and the Elk Burger is a testament to the state’s culinary innovation. These burgers are leaner and higher in protein than traditional beef burgers, offering a distinct flavor. Elk’s slightly sweet taste pairs perfectly with classic burger toppings. It’s essential to cook it to medium rare to preserve its tenderness due to its low-fat content.

5. Onion Burger: Oklahoma’s Flavorful Creation

Origins: The Onion Burger, a creation from the 1920s, hails from Oklahoma. During the Depression era, when onions were affordable and meat was not, people began smashing thin slices of onions into the beef patties. The result is a burger where the meat and onions cook together, creating a delightful caramelized and crispy texture. The burger is typically adorned with a slice of American cheese, pickles, and a choice of mustard or mayonnaise, all embraced by soft and fluffy burger buns.

Ten Highly Rated American Burgers

6. Green Chile Cheeseburger: New Mexico’s Spicy Twist

Origins: New Mexico’s Green Chile Cheeseburger is a fiery adaptation of the classic burger. It features a New Mexico green chile-topped beef patty nestled inside a burger bun. A mandatory slice of melted American cheese crowns the patty. This burger has been a local favorite since the 1950s and is synonymous with the flavors of New Mexico. In addition to the chiles, it often includes other toppings like onions and lettuce.

7. Butter Burger: Wisconsin’s Rich and Indulgent Contribution

Origins: Wisconsin’s Butter Burger is a rich and indulgent creation that has made its mark on the world of burgers. There is some debate about what constitutes an authentic Butter Burger, but one thing is clear: it involves an abundance of butter. Some prefer to combine butter with the ground meat, while others toast the bun with butter and add even more butter before serving. The result is a messy, yet incredibly satisfying, burger experience.

Ten Highly Rated American Burgers

8. Bison Burger: A Lean and Unique American Delight

Origins: The Bison Burger, often confused with buffalo meat, is a unique American burger made from North American bison. Bison meat is leaner and healthier than traditional beef, making it a special treat. These burgers feature a soft bun filled with a bison patty and a range of toppings, including onions, lettuce, tomato slices, red slaw, and cheddar cheese. It’s often served with sweet fries, adding a delightful contrast to the burger’s flavors.

9. Juicy Lucy: The Cheese-Stuffed Wonder

Origins: The Juicy Lucy, a burger with a molten cheese surprise inside the patty, is a Minneapolis favorite. It’s known for its unique and somewhat controversial origin story. There are two Minneapolis eateries, Matt’s Bar & Grill and the 5-8 Club, both claiming to have invented this cheese-stuffed delight. The Juicy Lucy features succulent beef patties with molten American cheese sealed inside, creating an explosion of flavor with every bite.

10. Cheeseburger: The All-American Classic

Origins: The Cheeseburger is the quintessential American classic, taking the beloved hamburger to the next level by adding a slice of cheese on top of the meat patty. Although American cheese was the original choice, Swiss, Cheddar, and various blue cheeses have all graced this iconic sandwich. The history of the cheeseburger is a bit complicated, with various claims to its invention. The most popular theory attributes it to a 16-year-old short-order cook named Lionel Clark Sternberger, who added a slice of American cheese to a sizzling meat patty at The Rite Spot in Pasadena, California, in the mid-1920s.

Ten Highly Rated American Burgers


The world of burgers is a diverse and flavorful one, showcasing the creativity and culinary expertise of various regions in the United States. Each burger variety has a unique history, ingredients, and flavors, making them a must-try for any burger enthusiast. Whether you’re savoring the rich indulgence of a Butter Burger in Wisconsin or the fiery kick of a Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico, there’s a burger out there to suit every palate. So, the next time you’re on a culinary adventure, don’t forget to explore these iconic American burger varieties.

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