The 10 Most Popular Burgers In America

When it comes to culinary delights, the United States boasts a diverse range of burger creations that are not only mouthwatering but also deeply embedded in local culture. From the iconic Slopper to the legendary Juicy Lucy, these uniquely American burgers have captured the hearts and taste buds of many. In this article, we will take a closer look at these distinctive burgers, their origins, and what makes them stand out in the world of American cuisine.

1. Slopper: A Pueblo Tradition

Origin: Pueblo, Colorado in the 1950s or the 1970s

The Slopper is a true testament to Pueblo’s culinary creativity. It’s essentially a hamburger or cheeseburger but with a delicious twist. What sets the Slopper apart is the way it’s served: drenched in either red or green chili. This hearty burger can also feature additional toppings like French fries, avocados, or onions, depending on your preference.

The debate over its true birthplace is still ongoing, with some attributing its invention to Gray’s Coors Tavern and others to the Star Bar in Pueblo. Whichever the case, the Slopper remains a beloved regional specialty that reflects the city’s unique flavor.

2. Pastrami Burger: A Fusion of Flavors

Origin: Anaheim, California in the early 1970s

The Pastrami Burger is a testament to the fusion of culinary traditions. It features a toasted sesame seed bun that cradles a beef patty topped with pastrami, cheese, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, and a special sauce known as “fry sauce.” This sauce is a delectable blend of ketchup, mayonnaise, sweet relish, and onion powder.

This mouthwatering creation is credited to James Katsanevas, a Greek immigrant who brought this delightful combination to life at Minos Burgers in Anaheim, California. Interestingly, the arrival of pastrami in Los Angeles by Jewish immigrants from New York City in the mid-20th century played a significant role in the birth of this burger.

The 10 Most Popular Burgers In America

3. Ramen Burger: A Noodle Extravaganza

Origin: Brooklyn, 2013

The Ramen Burger, a modern marvel of burger innovation, consists of a meat patty sandwiched between two fried ramen noodle buns. These crispy noodle buns add a unique texture to the burger. The patty is typically slathered in shoyu sauce and adorned with arugula and scallions.

This creative burger was the brainchild of Keizo Shimamoto, a ramen blogger who brought it to life in Brooklyn in 2013. Such was its popularity that Time Magazine recognized it as one of the 17 most influential burgers ever created.

4. Elk Burger: A Taste of Montana

Origin: Montana

Montana’s Elk Burger is a delicious regional spin on the classic American hamburger. The state of Montana, known for its abundant game meat, especially elk, offers juicy elk burgers made from tender, dark-red meat. These burgers are not only leaner and higher in protein compared to beef burgers but also equally tender and flavorful.

The delicate, slightly sweet flavor of elk pairs perfectly with traditional burger toppings. However, due to its low-fat content, it’s crucial not to overcook it. A medium-rare preparation is the ideal way to savor the unique taste of an Elk Burger.

5. Butter Burger: A Rich Delight

Origin: Wisconsin, 1936

Wisconsin’s contribution to burger history is the indulgent Butter Burger. What defines a Butter Burger is a subject of debate, but the one common element is an abundance of butter. Some claim it’s when the meat is combined with butter, while others insist it’s the buttered, toasted bun topped with even more butter before serving.

One theory suggests that Solly’s in Glendale, Wisconsin, where butter is added to the meat, fried in butter, and served with stewed onions, might have inspired the name. Regardless of the specifics, the essence of a Butter Burger lies in its rich, buttery goodness.

The 10 Most Popular Burgers In America

6. Chili Burger: A Hearty Delight

Origin: Los Angeles, 1920s

The Chili Burger is a hearty variety of hamburger featuring a meat patty topped with chili con carne. This burger can be served open-faced and is often garnished with cheese and onions. Fries are typically served on the side, making it a substantial and satisfying meal.

The Chili Burger is believed to have been invented by Thomas M. DeForest in Los Angeles during the 1920s. Its warm and spicy flavors have made it a comfort food favorite for many.

7. Onion Burger: Oklahoma’s Crunchy Creation

Origin: Oklahoma, 1920s

Oklahoma’s Onion Burger is a delightful twist on the classic hamburger. It’s prepared by smashing thin slices of onions into a beef patty, allowing the onions to caramelize and become crispy as the meat cooks. The burger typically includes a slice of American cheese, pickles, and a choice of mustard or mayonnaise, all enclosed in soft and fluffy burger buns.

This budget-friendly creation is said to have emerged during the Great Depression when onions were abundant and meat was scarce. People began incorporating onions into the patties by pressing them into the meat with the back of a spatula.

8. Bison Burger: A Lean Alternative

Origin: United States

The Bison Burger, often referred to as the Buffalo Burger, is a unique American burger that uses meat from North American bison. Bison meat is sometimes incorrectly called buffalo meat, which is typically sourced from African buffalo and water buffalo.

This burger is a leaner alternative to traditional beef burgers, offering less cholesterol and fat. It’s typically served with various toppings such as onions, lettuce, tomato slices, red slaw, and cheddar cheese, often accompanied by sweet potato fries. While it may come at a higher price, the Bison Burger offers a special treat for those looking for a healthier burger option.

The 10 Most Popular Burgers In America

9. Juicy Lucy: A Burst of Cheese

Origin: Minneapolis

Named one of Time magazine’s 17 most influential burgers, the Juicy Lucy is a delightful twist on the classic cheeseburger. What sets it apart is that the cheese is melted inside the patty, creating a delicious burst of cheese with each bite. This cheese-stuffed burger is a Minneapolis favorite, offering a unique experience that requires some skill to savor without burning your mouth on the molten American cheese.

There is some controversy surrounding its origin, with two Minneapolis burger eateries, Matt’s Bar & Grill and the 5-8 Club, both claiming to have invented it. The debate only adds to the charm of this iconic burger.

10. Cheeseburger: A Timeless Classic

Origin: Pasadena, California, 1920s

The Cheeseburger, a timeless classic, is essentially a hamburger with a slice of cheese added on top of the meat patty. While the choice of cheese can vary, American cheese was the original selection. However, Swiss, Cheddar, and various blue cheeses have been used to create this mouthwatering sandwich.

The history of the Cheeseburger is somewhat complex, with multiple claims to its invention. The most popular theory attributes it to a 16-year-old short-order cook named Lionel Clark Sternberger at a restaurant called The Rite Spot in Pasadena, California. Sternberger’s genius move of adding a slice of American cheese to a sizzling meat patty revolutionized the burger world.


These unique American burgers showcase the rich tapestry of regional flavors and culinary innovation that the United States has to offer. Each burger has its own distinctive story and appeal, making them not only delicious but also a significant part of American culinary heritage. So, the next time you’re looking for a memorable and flavorful meal, consider trying one of these exceptional burgers that have captured the hearts of food enthusiasts across the nation.

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