7 Water-filled Foods That Will Keep Your Body Hydrated

When you try to eat an apple in a fancy way and the juice drips down your chin, it's because apples have a lot of water.


Did you know that one cup of bell peppers has three times more vitamin C than an orange? They also have antioxidants and are more than 90% water!

Bell Peppers

If you have broccoli on your plate at a cookout, it helps keep you hydrated because it's almost 90% water.


Cantaloupe isn't watermelon, but it still has a lot of water. When you eat it cold, it's a great snack on a hot day.


Have you ever seen carrots in the fridge when they look dried out and sad? That's because they're mostly water, about 88%. 


If you think of celery as green water sticks, you're not wrong. Celery is actually 95% water, which makes it even better than carrots for dipping in dressings and spreads.


If the idea of cucumber water sounds strange, remember that cucumbers are 96% water, so they're basically already cucumber water. They are the most watery item on this list. Enjoy!


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