8 Foods You Should Be Eating Raw

Save money by cooking from scratch, but there's an exception: rotisserie chicken.

Surprisingly, cooked rotisserie chicken is often cheaper than raw chicken at most stores.

Ready-to-eat meals usually cost more, but not when it comes to rotisserie chicken.

The golden, juicy rotisserie chickens in stores are often unsold raw chickens close to expiring.

Stores cook and sell these chickens at a lower price to avoid wasting them.

It's a win for the store, making some money instead of none, and a win for us with a convenient and tasty dinner.

Supermarkets commonly repurpose unsold products to minimize waste.

This practice extends to salads and deli items, where leftover veggies and meat are often used.

Rotisserie chickens not sold are chopped up and repurposed, often ending up in creamy chicken salad.

Grabbing a rotisserie chicken isn't just a good deal—it's also a small step in reducing food waste.

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