Foods That Help in Gaining Weight

1: Milk

Milk is a complete food since it contains all important elements. Proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and vitamins abound.

2: Rice 

Rice is an inexpensive and convenient source of weight-gaining carbs. One serving of rice contains carbohydrates and calories.

3: Dried fruits

They can be eaten raw, roasted, or with yoghurt or smoothies. Weight gain is optimal with a handful of dry almonds, walnuts, or cashews everyday.

4: Homemade protein smoothies 

Spinach aProtein smoothies made at home Smoothies made from scratch are healthier than protein pills. nd additional green foliage vegetables

5: Red meat 

Red meat is high in protein, which builds muscle and weight. It contains leucine and creatine, which build muscle. 

6: Fatty and oily fish 

Salmon is high in protein and vital fatty acids. They increase weight and immunity. 

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