Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

French fries and potato chips are heavy in calories and fat, which can cause weight gain. Thus, these items should be eaten moderately.

1. French fries and potato chips

Drinking sugary drinks can harm your health and weight. Limiting soda and other liquids may help you lose weight.

2. Sugary drinks

Due to its elevated glycemic index, white bread has been associated with obesity and overweight.

3. White bread

Candy bars contain added oils, refined flour, and a great deal of sugar. Despite being abundant in calories, they do not provide much satiety.

4. Candy bars

Fruit juice is heavy in calories and sugar but low in fiber. Keep quantities small or choose entire fruit.

5. Some fruit juices

Cookies, cakes, and pastries are high in calories and sugar but not filling. Choosing smaller portions or other sweet snacks may aid with weight loss.

6. Pastries, cookies, and cakes

Making your own frozen treats with less sugar or eating fewer portions of ice cream can help you lose weight.

7. Ice cream

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